Why growing a fiddle leaf fig is easier than you think!

If fiddle leaf fig trees were part of Greek mythology, they would sit alongside Zeus at the head of the Pantheon. So mighty are these plants in fact, that they have won the top prize for Pinterest plant of the year for the last few years running. 
We just love them, they look great, they transform any interior space into an Instagram worthy shot- but how on earth do you care for one? That seems to be the question on everybody’s lips, and the truth is, it’s not nearly as tough as you might think. 
Why do we love fiddle leaf figs?
Let’s face it, whenever any of us walk into a nursery or plant studio the first thing that catches our eyes are the fiddle leaf figs. Their lush and large leaves, stylish and effortless appearance, as well as ability to elevate any interior space makes them an easy target for a slight plant obsession. Contrary to what most people will have you believe, their stunning looks don’t come at a cost … 
How to care for a fiddle leaf fig?
Firstly, fiddle leafs love humidity. They generally need more humidity than most houses have- however they can still thrive without as much as a South American jungle. That being said, they can be a ‘fiddley’ houseplant if you’ve never owned one, but it won’t take long to get the hang of what they like and don’t like.

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