Forest Health- Natures Way Of Giving Back


Have you ever walked through a forest and been in awe of its majesty? The trees towering overhead, the sun glinting through the leaves, the peace and stillness... it's no wonder that forests are some of our favourite places to be. But did you know that forests also play a vital role in ensuring our planet's health? Among other things, forests help regulate our climate, purify our water, and prevent soil erosion. In short, they are essential to life as we know it. 
As trees grow and stretch their canopy they allow themselves to absorb more sunlight. The bigger they get, the more surface area they can cover, which in turn allows the tree to produce more oxygen. More oxygen means healthier trees and a healthier planet! 
Trees play a vital role in regulating our climate. They absorb carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change—and release oxygen into the atmosphere. In fact, one tree can absorbs up to 30kg of carbon dioxide per year! 
Not only do trees absorb carbon dioxide, but they also help cool the planet by providing shade and evapotranspiration—the process by which water evaporates from leaves and cools the air around them. In fact, Shade from trees can lower temperature by up to 14 degrees Celsius! 
Trees also play an important role in purifying our water. Their roots bind soil together, which prevents runoff and erosion. Additionally, leaves catch pollutants like dust and heavy metals before they have a chance to enter waterways. And when leaves fall into rivers and lakes, they provide a home for fish and other aquatic animals. 
In short, trees are essential to ensuring that our water is clean and safe to drink. Which is pretty amazing when you think about it.
Trees also play an important role in preventing soil erosion. Tree roots hold soil together and act as a sort of anchor to keep them in place—preventing them from being washed away by rain or blown away by wind. Additionally , their canopies protect against sun and wind damage—two major causes of soil erosion . 
Next time you're walking through a forest, take a moment to appreciate all that trees are bringing to both you and the planet- there’s a whole world existing in silence all around.

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