The 11 Best Indoor House Plants

Even if you haven’t got a green thumb, you can still appreciate the beauty of house plants. And you know what’s great? It isn’t just about the creative décor or the feeling like you have got the whole adulting thing on track, some well-placed greenery can purify the air and reduce both psychological and physiological stress.

Gone are the days when a slightly browning spider plant was the greatest outdoorsy touch to a home. Gone are the days when factors like dry, dim or overly humid rooms or even being short on square footage might have stopped you from pursuing your plant parenting calling. Now there are lots of unusual and interesting indoor house plants available to the average buyer.

If you’ve been looking to channel your inner horticulturist, check out our list of favorite indoor plants that’d thrive within four walls.

  1. Swiss Cheese Plant

The Monstera Deliciosa plant with its thick Swiss cheese-like leaves is one of the most popular houseplant having their moment right now (you may have seen it all over Pinterest). It is a tropical plant that likes a warm, humid climate away from direct sunlight. Their lush green leaves which grow quickly and changes shape makes a stunning statement in any room.

In their natural habitat, monsteras are fast climbers, so you can either pave back new growth or provide it with some kind of trellis or stake for support. They are great for indoor pots as you can easily change their positions to be placed on a table or shelf – to allow them trail.

While you should water it regularly, ensure the top 4cm of soil dry to the touch between watering to prevent overwatering. It benefits from regular cleaning with a small damp cloth or just dusting and spraying the leaves with water.

  1. Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum also known as peace lily is a wonderful low-maintenance plant that favors indirect sunlight, low humidity, and shade. It has glossy, deep green leaves and pretty curving white blooms that only require watering and misting one in a week.

An awesome thing about the plan is that it can tell you what it needs; when it gets droopy, it needs water; yellowing leaves means less sun.

They strive well in a simple pot that'd allow the lovely flowers to take center stage. One thing to note is that its flower contains pollen that can cause discomfort when ingested, so stay away from it if you have allergies and keep it away from children and pets that might be tempted to chew it. They can survive in dim settings like a house with few windows, office with little light and bathrooms.

  1. Snake Plants

Originating from Asia and Southern Africa, the Sansevieria Laurentii popularly known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue is exceptionally tough and can survive in any environment. Peculiar names, right?

‘Snake plant’ is from its thin, upright leaves with irregular yellowish-green edges that are just like a snake’s skin, while ‘mother-in-law's tongue' comes from its leaves pointed tips that symbolize the sharp tongue of the mother-in-law.

 The snake plant is close to invisibility. Really, it takes a lot to kill it. It is a great option if you are a DGAF type of person. Its growth trajectory is upwards, so it can work well in an elevated pot to add interest to an empty hall.

  1. Rubber Plants

The rubber plant with its dark, green waxy leaves that catches the light for a beautiful presentation is très on trend when it comes to house plants. They are fairly low maintenance and are tolerant to some degree of neglect. It requires weekly watering in warmer seasons and less frequently in winter. It thrives in bright indirect sunlight and needs adequate space around to grow and be happy. So they’d do well in a beautiful spacious pot that’d encourage them to grow into a large indoor plant. It also comes with the added benefits of being one of the best air-purifying, home-friendly plants. 

  1. Aloe Plant

Even for a novice green thumb, this funky, spiky plant is extremely easy to keep alive. And it isn’t just easy to care for; it is also a great healer for scrapes, burns and other skin conditions. Place these hardy ornamentals in a bright sunny spot and worry not about keeping it alive. This guy likes its soil dry completely between watering. It does great in a tall pot that’d keep its leaves off the table.

  1. Philodendron Green

The philodendron plant with its heart-shaped leaves and trailing vine is great for apartment dwellers because its leaves will tell you exactly how to care for it. If its leaves are sparse or yellowy, it means it is getting too little/ too much light respectively. It requires indirect lights and moderately moistened soil to thrive. It loves to trail its way down high shelves or mantles so it works great in a hanging pot.

  1. Pothos

Epipremnum aureum is one of the most recommended houseplants you’ll encounter. If you are the type that enjoys the drama of a good climbing vine, then the pothos is a great pick. Its trailing vines can grow to over 10m, and if given a chance will conquer side tables and corners in a matter of months.

It grows well in bright indirect light with moderate watering condition. They are known for their air-purifying properties and can strip toxins (i.e. formaldehyde) from materials in the home.

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus Lyrata can grow really tall in its native tropical rainforest environment but makes a lovely indoor tree for apartments with a high ceiling but minimal floor space. It does best in bright indirect light and requires watering only when the top of the soil is dry. This tall plant boasts a large waxy dark green leaves that seem to form a fiddle's outline. It makes a beautiful architectural focal point when placed in a corner.

  1. Dragon Tree

The upward growing red spiky leaf of the dragon tree makes its name absolutely perfect. Constant temperature and medium to bright indirect light are ideal for its growth. Its statement-making leaves go well with a modern pot.

  1. ZZ Plants

You can catch more Zss, when you invest in the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant because they are so easy to care for. They are drought resistant because its rhizomes store water - and that permits this guy not to care about water for weeks on end. It thrives in low light areas, doesn’t attract bugs and other pests and can make a brilliant impression in any room.

  1. Spider Plants

Unusual looking indoor plants like the spider plant that gives off an instant jungle vibe are all the rave right now. And these petite, air-purifying and self –propagating plants are super easy to care for. With bright indirect lighting and occasional watering, you are good to go. So, even if you decide to skip town for the weekend,  your spider plant won’t mind.

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