Here's a list of questions you might have regarding your order. If there is anything we have missed or any other information you want, please give us a call on (0460003663) or send us an email (hello@mowglistudio.com.au)

How long until my order will arrive?

At Mowgli, we paint everything by hand in our studio. Because of this each product takes some time to create. As such, we have a standard 2-4 week turnaround time plus shipping. 

While we always do our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possibly we are a small team so please keep that in mind if you haven't received your order as quickly as you'd hoped.

Where is the studio located?

Our studio is located on NSW's Central Coast: 384 The Entrance Road, Long Jetty, NSW 2261. We are open to the public.

Are your plants real?

YES! All of our plants are real and always will be (we get asked this question more often than you think!)

What are your pots made from?

Our pots are made from a mixture of fibreglass and resin, making them super lightweight, easy to ship, and durable.

Where are your pots made?

We have a wide range of suppliers for all of our products from both Australia and overseas. Our regular range of handpainted pots are made by a small company in Vietnam. We have tried to get our products produced in Australia but sadly there aren't any companies that offer this service- If you are a company that does such please reach out as we would love to work with you!

Can we order different styled pots?

Absolutely, you aren't limited by what we have available online. We can source any shape, style, and material pot- just reach out with what you're after and we can help.

Can I get a custom design painted on my pot?

Yes! We are always excited to paint new and custom designs, and colours. Send us an email or give us a call with what you're thinking and we can paint it up for you. 

*We add a small fee for sourcing custom paint and to cover our artists time in painting your custom pot (Anywhere between $10 and $80 depending on size and intricacy)

Do you deliver plants?

Yes, we can deliver plants to Sydney, the Central Coast, and Wollongong. Please reach out if you'd like anything and we can source and deliver it for you.

What colour is my pot?

Each product has a 'colour' section in the description that will tell you which colour corresponds to each image.

If you are unsure about your pot colour, please let us know, we can send you specific examples of what each colour looks like exactly. 

Can my pot go outside?

Yes! All Mowgli pots are painted with exterior quality paint that is 100% weather resistant.

The only colour that we don't recommend putting out in the full sun is our gold as it will fade over time if exposed to the elements.

Do our pots have drainage holes?

Yes! Each Mowgli pot comes with a drainage hole as standard. 

Can I pot directly into my Mowgli pot?

You can absolutely pot directly into your Mowgli pot! We usually don't recommend this for indoor use however, as doing so will result in a very heavy pot. 

Instead, you can keep your plant in it's plastic pot, pop it on a plastic tray, then put the whole thing in your Mowgli pot.

That way you can still move your pot around, and any water or loose soil will be caught by the tray to save your floors. Also, if anything happens to your plant you can swap it out with ease.

Can I hire your pots and plants?

Yes! All of our products are available for hire. We have a 20% cost price for this service... so if a plant and a pot cost $100 to buy, the rental fee will be $20. There is a delivery and pickup fee that we add on depending on your location.